What shops needs?

Retail sales today is different than our parents remember form their young. Today every one is focused on consumption and pleasure that it gives. Also we look for other features. Today quality is less important for us than stand out. Amount of products creates situation where not only usefulness is important but also image, prestige and individualization.

Today we may chose from dozens of pullover sweaters – all have the same function: be warm and stand out us from the crowd. So they have different colors, different pattern, different decorations. Our parents bought clothes to be warm. We buys clothes for expression our lifestyle. Utility is less important, also strength. It is not important, because we love shopping and change clothes and other stuff very quickly. Shopping is entertainment for us.

One more thing changed. Today we don’t must going to shop to buying goods. Shops may come to us, because most of producers, shops or importers have online store. Many years ago popular was catalogs – fat books with pictures of goods and prices. Order was made by phone or mails (not e-mails!). People paid when courier brought purchases. Today everything is faster and everybody buys by Internet.

Also we pay by net, because modern shops have retail banking software which supports electronics payments in real time. This is so comfortable, that in future cash will disappear without any protest. Future belongs to shops and other services that works without people – like a vending machine. People will be only to control costs, make research and eventually contact with clients in case of problems or breakdown.